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LIFO has helped many companies defer income since 1936. It is the best tax deferral available for businesses that carry inventory. Best of all, a LIFO election won't interfere with the ordinary course of business. Nothing changes but the way income is reported.


All companies need cash, but it is not always easy to produce additional capital, especially from an efficient business. For companies in industries such as retail, wholesale and manufacturing, LIFO almost always provides a significant tax benefit resulting in additional cash flow. The effect of using LIFO is lower inventory values, higher cost of goods sold and lower taxable income.


Companies already using LIFO, or those considering a LIFO election, should consider more than one method to see which yields the best benefit.



"We have been very pleased with the quality of services we have received over the years from SourceCorp."

Thomas Blanton
VP, Southeast Toyota Distributors


"SourceCorp just completed the cost segregation studies for our restaurants and we couldn't be more pleased."

Tom Myers
Mamacita's Restaurant & Cantina

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Pay It Forward embraces the idea that instead of paying it back, we pay it forward.

As an entirely volunteer service team of SourceHOV Tax, we realize that life is filled with unexpected detours - our purpose is to serve our clients and team members - in their communities and ours.